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YOTRIPP, Travel Plans Made Easy, Effortless & Efficient

Making travel plans is tough, especially if you are a thoughtful traveller who likes to plan ahead.

If you spend hours researching destinations, hotels and things to do, dreaming of that perfect vacation, YOTRIPP is the perfect travel planning partner for you.

YOTRIPP is a one-stop travel publication that gives you just about all the information that you would otherwise glean from multiple Google searches and visiting various different websites. In other words, YOTRIPP saves you both time and effort, by offering you the perfect replacement for OTA sites, booking sites, review sites, travel blogs, local travel publications, social media pages and more.

For example,

- Just like any hotel booking sites, YOTRIPP gives you real, verified and complete hotel information on a single page with the option to make a booking too. With a good mix of images, videos and iconography, YOTRIPP's vanity pages give you insight on what to expect at a property or location, especially in terms of facilities, amenities and USPs.

- Just like any review sites, YOTRIPP gives you complete, verified and human reviews on ratings for any hotel and destination listed with us. YOTRIPP's unbiased and unsponsored ratings and reviews are given by real people, people who have actually visited or stayed at a property.

- Just like various top travel blogs, YOTRIPP gives in-depth and engaging, real-traveller information on the destination and nearby attractions via its travel guides. Our guides have the added benefits of offering maps and directions, in addition to providing truly useful information that is not so easily available online.

- Just like local publications, blogs and websites, YOTRIPP gives you a clear idea of the location, especially the vicinity and neighbourhood of your chosen hotel.


Offline, YOTRIPP replaces your hotel concierge. With YOTRIPP, there is no longer any need to collect brochures at the front desk or play 20 questions about where to eat, what to do and what to see. Our travel guides contain the hotel's personalised recommendations for all the things to see and do in the neighbourhood and city. Not just that, but with no further clicks you can check out the locations on our integrated maps and also get directions to get there!


So why not replace all of these websites and the need for a concierge with just one, YOTRIPP?

Eliminate the need to surf the internet for hours to plan your perfect holiday.

Log on to the YOTRIPP website or YOTRIPP's Android and iOS apps to get all the information you need in one go, in one tidy, easy-to-assimilate package!



Travel Guides

YOTRIPP offers travel guides for local attractions, activities, nearby restaurants, cafes & bars, nightlife & shopping spots, & essential travel information for each city, with integrated maps & scannable icons.


Hotel Recommendations

YOTRIPP replaces the hotel concierge by compiling tourist recommendations made by local hotels. Now choosing a nearby restaurant or finding a nearby attraction, requires no research!


Hotel Information

YOTRIPP's vanity pages are designed to give you all the information you need about a hotel. A mix of content, images, videos & icons make our comprehensive & real information, engaging & easily scannable.


Direct Bookings

YOTRIPP is a content-based publication, not a third party OTA. Our booking buttons direct you to the hotel's booking portal, making you their first hand customer & eliminating commissions.


Local Tips

YOTRIPP offers valuable information that is not that easily available elsewhere. That's because YOTRIPP brings you tips and recommendations from the locals that visitors would never be aware of.


On Your Phone

YOTRIPP offers life-saving information right at your fingertips, on your phones to be precise, thanks to a dynamic website & Android / iOS apps. Carry us in your pocket and never get stuck in a foreign land!

What Customer Says


Perry Park

It was sheer luck that I came across this website during my trip to Bhutan. I had just 3 days but their recommendations helped me pick just the right places to see without over-exerting. I loved it so much, I plan to come back nex...


Jenny Roderigues

I've lived in Goa for practically my whole life and still this website managed to tell me of some rare gems that I had never been to. The nightlife options in North Goa are totally worth making a trip down for.


Ishan Patel

Your icons are so easy to understand, I literally just skimmed through your pages and found everything I needed to know about my hotel. Thanks for keeping things simple and easy.


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