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YOTRIPP, Travel Plans Made Easy, Effortless & Efficient

Making travel plans is time-consuming, especially if you are a thoughtful traveller who likes to plan ahead.

YOTRIPP is for you if you spend hours researching destinations, hotels and things to do. It is for you if you spend hours dreaming of that perfect vacation because YOTRIPP is your best travel planning partner.

YOTRIPP is a one-stop travel publication that gives you just about all the information you would need on your upcoming travel. Information that you would otherwise glean from multiple Google searches and visiting various different websites. 

So YOTRIPP saves you both time and effort by offering you the perfect replacement for your research. A one-stop destination that replaces OTA sites, booking sites, review sites, travel blogs, local travel publications, social media pages and more. YOTRIPP gives it all, neatly packaged at one source!


For example,

Just like any hotel booking site, YOTRIPP gives you real, verified and complete hotel information on a single page with the option to make a booking too. With a captivating mix of images, videos and iconography, YOTRIPP's vanity pages give you insight on what to expect at a property or location, especially in terms of facilities, amenities and USPs.

Just like any review site, YOTRIPP gives you complete, verified and human reviews and ratings for any hotel and destination listed with us. YOTRIPP's unbiased and unsponsored ratings and reviews are made by real people who have actually visited or stayed at a property.

Just like various top travel blogs, YOTRIPP gives in-depth and engaging, real-traveller information on the destination and nearby attractions via its travel guides. Our guides have the added benefits of offering maps and directions, alongside useful location-based information.

Just like local publications, blogs and websites, YOTRIPP gives you a clear idea of the location, especially the vicinity and neighbourhood of your chosen hotel. Our information is by locals who know their areas well.

Just like a travel agent, YOTRIPP guides you through to your travel planning process. Right from picking destinations to building itineraries and calculating estimated budgets, YOTRIPP helps. What's more, we even give tailor-made itineraries for free, for destinations of your choice too.

Offline, YOTRIPP replaces your hotel concierge. YOTRIPP makes collecting brochures at the front desk and playing 20 questions about where to eat, what to do and what to see, absolutely redundant. 

Our travel guides contain the hotel's personalised recommendations for all the things to see and do in the neighbourhood and city. Not just that, but with just a single click, you can check out the locations on our integrated maps and also get directions to get there!


So why not replace all of these websites and the need for a concierge with just one? With YOTRIPP?

Eliminate the need to surf the internet for hours to plan your perfect holiday.

Log on to the YOTRIPP website to get all the information you need in one go, in one tidy, easy-to-assimilate package! You can even save hotels or destinations to your wishlist and access them later.


Travel Guides

Our travel guides cover local attractions, activities, restaurants, cafes, nightlife & shops. Essential travel information for each city, with integrated maps & scannable icons.


Local Recommedations

Our guides contain recommendations made by locals who 'know' best. Now choosing a nearby restaurant or finding a nearby attraction, requires no research!


Verified Hotels

YOTRIPP's vanity pages give you all the info you need on a hotel. A mix of content, images, videos & icons makes our comprehensive & real information, engaging & easily scannable.


No Commissions

YOTRIPP is a content-based publication. For client hotels, bookings are made directly via their booking portals and we take no commissions on these direct bookings.


Valuable Tips

We offer valuable information that's not easily available elsewhere. We bring you answers to general travel questions, and tips very few know about.


Easy Access

We offer travel inspiration right at your fingertips. Get access to personalised travel destination ideas in three simple clicks on YOTRIPP's home page.