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YOTRIPP is the low-coststrategic marketing partner for hotels worldwide.

YOTRIPP is a unique content platform that gives hotels a chance to showcase their hotel and its neighbourhoods in the best possible light. Each hotel listed on YOTRIPP gets a vanity page, a mini-website of its own. These pages are built with both SEO and user value in mind. 

Our vanity pages cover all hospitality and destination aspects that prospective guests look for. We give your guests a complete and true picture. A snapshot picture of all things related to their upcoming travel. Pertinent things that would otherwise require your guests to do multiple Google searches.


YOTRIPP is the best alternative listings platforms for hotels. We invite hotels to place their direct booking links on YOTRIPP and get more visitors and conversions. An invitation to leverage our marketing efforts and the power of consolidation to get more traffic and more bookings. 

We invite hotels to challenge the might of commissions-sucking (but currently unavoidable) OTAs and counter the threat of steadily-growing AirBnB through the same power of consolidation, coupled with valuable content and strategic publicity.

In addition to our offer to get your hotel's vanity page on our website, with your own direct booking link no less, YOTRIPP offers several digital marketing services


From ready-to-post, white-label social media packs (complete with captions and hashtags), to custom social media marketing strategies, YOTRIPP offers several social media marketing and promotion solutions to hotels. YOTRIPP also takes on comprehensive digital marketing for hotels, from strategy to implementation. 

Get on a strategy call today to know more about our digital marketing solutions that specialise in hospitality. We even offer hotels a 90-day paid trial, so you can test out our services and see results before you choose us for your happily ever after.


360° Content

Our hotel vanity pages and blogs are search engine optimized but rely on 360° value. Our long-form content is meant to rank organically for strategic keywords.


Engaging Guides

Our vanity pages deliver engaging and informative local neighbourhood guides. Our recommendations are personalised to your hotel's proximity & guest demographics.


Maps & Directions

Guides associated with your hotel page have integrated maps. Guests can get directions specifically to and from your hotel & to nearby attractions & activities in a single click.


Visual Information

To make information quickly and easily scannable, our guides feature a lot of visuals and icons. Guests can consume important info-bits with just a glance.


Social Media Marketing

YOTRIPP markets your hotel on its social media handles several times each month. But you can also avail our social media marketing packages on a 90-day paid trial.


Direct Bookings

Think of YOTRIPP as an extension of your hotel's bookings portal. Lower your third-party (OTA) booking commissions by letting us host your direct booking links.