About Us

Travel Destinations & Hotels Meet Specialised Travel Marketing

YOTRIPP, your virtual concierge, is here to help you plan your travels. Right from looking up travel destinations and booking the right hotels, to planning sightseeing tours and accumulating memorable experiences. YOTRIPP is with you the whole way, we are the real deal.

If we were to explain ourselves in the most simplistic terms, YOTRIPP, founded in Jan 2019, is the newest, most different travel publication cum OTA


But then we are also a digital marketing agency for hotels and resorts

And we are also a top-class destination marketing firm

And also a welcoming travel publication for new-upcoming travel bloggers to gain some exposure and social proof but sharing their travel experiences and recommendations.

So it is genuinely hard to put a category on us, isn't it?


So, let's stick to the simplistic definition of who we are and what we do here at YOTRIPP.


Are we a traditional, typical online travel agency

Yes. And, well, no.

Unlike other online travel agencies (OTAs), YOTRIPP works with hotels to increase their online visibility and improve guest experience quality.

But we do offer hotel bookings just like typical OTAs, give rounded information on the hotels and its vicinity and guide travellers on nearby experiences and attractions. Oh and we also offer free itineraries. But's that's something for another page.


Are we just another travel blog or travel publication?

Yes. And, well, no.

Unlike other travel publications, our content is carefully curated to include verified local information, even the stuff that's rather obscure online. So, if you'd like to know whether there are any nursing booths near the Leaning Tower of Pisa, ours is possibly the only publication that would give you that essential and useful info-bit.

But just like other travel blogs or travel publications, we offer a range of travel-centric blogs and articles to provide travel inspiration, destination guides, useful information and more.


In short, YOTRIPP is for travellers and travel players to come together on one platform. We are a travel marketing company that believes in just one thing - 'travel is life'.


Virtual Concierge

Why go looking for the concierge when this virtual concierge is right at your fingertips. Our guides answer everything - where to eat nearby, what to do, what to see & more


Personalised Guides

Our guides contain valuable info with integrated maps and directions. Recommendations are personalised to suit hotel locations & guest demoraphic.


Verified Information

We don't market hotels that we don't believe in. Our vanity pages present verified facts; no marketing gimmicks, fake reviews or dated information.


Hotel Bookings

We make money differently; either from clearly disclosed affiliates or 'service' clients who sign on for our digital marketing services. Our prices do not have commission add-ons.


Mobile Apps

YOTRIPP will soon be available as a free iOS and Android app. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access our interesting travel content.


Practical Tips

Our guides contain practical tips & handy info that is difficult to find online. Stuff like - Is a place difficult to get to with a 3-year-old? Are there any vending kiosks nearby?